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No One Lives Forever 2 Mod: Weapons-06

Contents:Mod features
Weapon upgrade
Chat sound cheat sheet
Sound/music player
Private messaging chat
Change log

Mod features:

New weapons
Jetpack (key binding must be setup)
Widescreen display support
Angry Kitty v2
Basic Anti cheats (D3D8, weapon, reload, aim and lean hacks)
SpyVision on select scopes (grab key = on/off)
Combat SpyVision (requires the Jetpack)
Step zooming on level 2 scopes
New sniper crosshairs
Faster zoom in/out time
Improved weapon handling when crouching
Custom Function chat keys (see keywords.txt for a working example)
Custom chat sound keywords/taunts
SpyVision edit mode (Shift+F9 = on/off)
FPS counter (F9 = on, Esc = off)
Screen shot mode (F11 = on/off)
3rd person mode (F12 = on/off when alive)
Free cam mode (F12 = on when dead)
Score sounds (optional)
Chat line sound/music player
Spawn a Jetpack cheat (flyboy)
Spawn a weapon cheat (shootme + weapon name OR index)
Spawn a ammobox cheat (giftbox + ammo name OR index)
Private messaging chat
Enabled host/scmd cheats: baddaboom, flyboy, shootme, giftbox & rosebud


Ammo: PG-7VL
Rounds: 1
Type: Rocket-propelled grenade launcher

Replaces the Micromissile Launcher.

Cartridge: .50
Magazine: 10
Type: Large caliber rifle

An extremely accurate and powerful rifle.
With a level 2 scope, SpyVision and deadly accuracy makes this rifle a great choice.
How to get: Pick up 2 .308 Sniper Rifles.

Cartridge: 5.7x28
Magazine: 50

A newer SMG with a high rate of fire.
Replaces the Tommygun.

Micro Uzi
Cartridge: 9mm
Magazine: 32
Type: SMG

A small 9mm SMG
Pickup a second one and have a blast with dual Micro Uzi's!
Replaces the 9mm Sterling SMG.

Cartridge: 5.56x45
Magazine: 25
Type: Assault Rifle

Replaces the AK-47.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Cartridge: 12ga
Type: Shotgun

Replaces the Shotgun.

URA .357 LX
Cartridge: .357
Rounds: 6
Type: .357 revolver

Replaces the .32 Beretta.

Model M
A true Ninja's weapon...

Light Saber
Its a Light saber :P
There are 5 to choose from.

Master Jedi Light Saber
Sith Light Saber
Schwartz Saber
Light Saber
Hot Light Saber

Scopes and Silencers
Beretta Scope
Beretta Silencer

AK-47 Scope

.308 Sniper Rifle Silencer

On/off = Grab key (default G)

SpyVison enabled scopes:
M82A1, .308 Sniper rifle, Utility launcher

Weapon Upgrades

Pickup 2 "Weapon A's" get "Weapon B"
Weapon AWeapon B
Micro UziDual Micro Uzi's
URA 357 LX.32 Beretta
Lightsaber.32 Beretta
Double Barrel ShotgunCombat Shotgun
M82A1 Sniper Rifle.308 Sniper Rifle

Sound/music player

This is just a very basic sound/music player, it can only play sound files that the game engine can play. Can be useful for testing sound files or playing music.
Note: main command syntax changed from ID: to /

Play command example:
/play music/nolf1theme.wav
Stop command:

Private messaging chat [Testing!]

Should allow for private messaging between any 2 players.

Client list command:
Command output:
/0 [Player]
/1 [Player1]
/2 [Friend]
/3 [Player2]
/4 [You]
Send a message to friend only:
/2 hi friend smiling lets kill the n00bs >amused

Change log:
Added taunt manager
Added Default Weapons menu in host options
Added the FAMAS F1 assault rifle (in place of the AK-47)
Added the Double Barrel Shotgun (in place of the Shotgun)
Added the Model M melee weapon
Added FAMAS phos ammo
Added multiplayer characters
Added basic stats to the score screen
Linked FAMAS ammo to AK47's
Linked 357 ammo to Beretta
Linked M82A1 ammo to .308
Linked all grenade's to the Angry Kitty
Auto spawning Jetpack's
Added server options to turn off/on Jetpack auto spawning
Adjusted Dual Micro Uzi's, M82A1 & other Melee weapons fire delays
Updated Dual Micro Uzi's fire sound
Updated weapon upgrade code
Enabled Coop mode for SP missions

- New stuff
Widescreen display support (some menu items run off screen)

- Mod stuff
Score sounds (optional)
SpyVision performance tweaks
Combat SpyVision mode, requires the Jetpack
Anti cheat updated (Anti Reload-hack added, thank you =NS= Agent-224 for hack info)
Modified RPG-7 rocket texture color
RPG-7 reload sound
Custom Function key chat keys
Custom chat sound keywords
Chat line sound/music player
Added jetpack spawning cheat (flyboy)
Added weapon spawning cheat (shootme + weapon name OR index)
Added ammobox spawning cheat (giftbox + ammo name OR index)
New Beretta HH model with attached silencer
Enabled host/scmd cheats: baddaboom, flyboy, shootme, giftbox & rosebud
FOV override (Shift+Home)
Badword filter (needs to be setup in keywords.txt)
SpyVision tweak keys (Shift+F9 = on/off):
7Increase SV texture sizeShift + 7Decrease SV texture size
8Increase UV scaleShift + 8Decrease UV scale
9SV preformance resetShift + 9SV default reset
0Change SV colorShift + 0SV filter size

- Anti cheats
reload, aim and lean hacks added

- Fixes
Fixed D3D8 anti cheat bug

- New stuff
Basic Anti cheat, covers D3D8 & PV weapon files
100% redone P90 model and texture
100% redone 357 model and texture

- Mod stuff
Faster zoom in/out time
New server browser filter: Gametype, cycle thru all game types from one screen,
options: This (normal browser), DM, TDM, DD, Coop and All
P90: laser sight removed
P90: 2x scope added

- Fixes
RPG-7: fire delay fixed
Schwartz Saber (blue Lightsaber): doesn`t tag anymore

- New stuff
M82A1 with 4x SV scope
Beretta 2x Scope
Step zooming for 4x scopes
Chat sound keywords (hi, brb, ok, etc)
New scope crosshairs (color is bound to the 1st person crosshair color)
Spy Vision, lift/drop key = on/off (SV scopes only)
Weapon upgrade (pickup weapon A, does player have A? |Yes, get B| : |No, Get A|
+ Micro Uzi > Dual Micro Uzi`s
+ Katana > .32 Beretta
+ Sniper rifle > M82A1 rifle

- Returning weapons
Silenced Sterling
.32 Beretta with silencer and scope

- Modded stuff
P90 (PV): Test laser sight
Sniper rifle with silencer and 2x SV scope
CT180 now with 2x SV scope
Jumping about 5 times now clears burning damage (untested with phos)
CateGlasses2 attachment; all Cate MP models
IsakoGlasses attachment; Isako MP model

- Fixes
Fire perturb (was partly broken in Weapons-02)