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Contract J.A.C.K. & No One Lives Forever 2 Featured Mod Weapons

URA .357 LX/Lla Special
Cartridge: .357
Rounds: 6
Type: .357 revolver

Pickup 2 URA .357 LX`s to get the Lla Special with .357 LX HE ammo and scope

Micro Uzi
Cartridge: 9mm
Magazine: 32
Type: SMG

A small 9mm SMG
Pickup a second one and have a blast with dual Micro Uzi`s!
Replaces the 9mm Sterling SMG.

Cartridge: 5.7x28
Magazine: 50

A newer SMG with a high rate of fire.
Replaces the Tommygun.

Cartridge: 5.56x45
Magazine: 25
Type: Assault Rifle

Replaces the AK-47.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Cartridge: 12ga
Type: Shotgun

Replaces the Shotgun.

Cartridge: .50
Magazine: 10
Type: Large caliber rifle

An extremely accurate and powerful rifle.
With a level 2 scope, SpyVision and deadly accuracy makes this rifle a great choice.

Ammo: PG-7VL
Rounds: 1
Type: Rocket-propelled grenade launcher

Replaces the Blaster.

Model M
A true Ninja`s weapon...

It`s a sword :P

Light Saber
Its a Light saber :P
There are 4 to choose from.

Master Jedi Light Saber *
Sith Light Saber
Schwartz Saber *
Hot Light Saber
* = default weapon

Scopes and Silencers
Beretta Scope
Beretta Silencer

Desert Eagle Silencer
Desert Eagle Scope
AK-47 Scope