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Making a looping fire sound for NOLF2/CJ with Audacity 1.3.0-beta
Date 09.08.2006
Author URA
Links n/a

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First, you will need to find a good sound sample of the weapon you want a looping sound for. I will be using the AK-47 as a starting point, sound files for the AK-47 can be found very easy, so let start.
I assume you have Audacity 1.3.0-beta installed, if not, look to the end of this How-to for links.

1. We will start by loading FX Gun Ak47.mp3 into Audacity, now find a good repeating start and end, sometimes Beat Finder can point to some good beats but it didn't here. Selection Start = 0h 00m 00.709s, Selection End = 0h 00m 00.870s

2. Now that we have a good sound selection, save it by going to File > Export Selection as WAV > Name it something like AK47-2.wav

3. Close all tracks and load AK47-2.wav into 3 tracks

4. Select the Time Shift Tool and move track 2 up into track 1 and repeat with track 3.

5. Now Play it, sound good with no pause in between tracks? OK use Ctrl + A to select all and Export Selection as WAV again, save as AK47-6.wav, you can repeat step 3 if want a longer sound file.

6. Congratulation, you just made a custom AK-47 fire loop, but your not done yet. Now you need a smooth fire ending. Load FX Gun Ak47.mp3 again and AK47-6.wav. Now cut this part out of FX Gun Ak47.mp3

7. Now with Time Shift Tool move the rest of FX Gun Ak47.mp3 to track 2, and trim the audio a little like this.

8. Again with Time Shift Tool move your new trimmed audio as close to track 2 and hit play. If it sounds good, move the new trimmed audio back to the middle of track 1 and close track 2. Ctrl + A to select all, Export Selection as WAV and name it AK47.wav

9. Congratulation, you have finished making a custom AK-47 fireloop, rename AK47-6.wav to fireloop.wav and rename AK47.wav to fire.wav. Now create the Folders AK-47, guns, snd and ak47.
1. Place fireloop.wav and fire.wav into ak47
2. place ak47 into snd
3. place snd into guns
4. place guns into ak-47

10. Now place the AK-47 folder into NOLF2/CJ's root folder, in the games launcher go to Options and type -rez AK-47 into the command line to add it to the game.
Now you are done and ready to test it in game, go start a single player game or join a multi player game.

---- Links ----
Audacity Homepage
FX Gun Ak47.mp3

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