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Project-M (continuation of Weapons Test)
Whats new:Mod features:
Added taunt manager
Added Default Weapons menu in host options
Added the FAMAS F1 assault rifle (in place of the AK-47)
Added the Double Barrel Shotgun (in place of the Shotgun)
Added the Model M melee weapon
Added FAMAS phos ammo
Added new multiplayer characters
Added the old car from Mob Enforcer in place of the snowmobile
Added basic stats to the score screen
Linked FAMAS ammo to AK47`s
Linked .32 fmj to .357 fmj
Linked .32 cyanide to .357 LX
Linked M82 to .308 fmj
Readded .308 Sniper Rifle (by obtaining two M82A1`s)
Imported the BAR from Mob Enforcer
Imported the Molotov Cocktail from Mob Enforcer
Imported the Laughing Gas Grenade from NOLF2
Linked all grenade`s to the Angry Kitty
Auto spawning Jetpack`s (1 per player)
Added server options to turn off/on Jetpack auto spawning
Adjusted Dual Micro Uzi`s, M82A1 & other Melee weapons fire delays
Adjusted Flashbangs
Updated Dual Micro Uzi`s fire sound
Updated weapon upgrade code
Added server list to the server browser
Enabled Coop mode for SP missions
New weapons
Jetpack (default key = b)
Basic Anti cheats (D3D8.)
SpyVision on select scopes (grab key = on/off)
Combat SpyVision (requires the Jetpack)
Step zooming on level 2 scopes
Auto zoom out
New sniper crosshairs
Faster zoom in/out time
Improved weapon handling when crouching
Taunts & taunts manager
SpyVision edit mode (Shift+F9 = on/off)
FPS counter (F9 = on, Esc = off)
Screen shot mode (F11 = on/off)
3rd person mode (F12 = on/off when alive)
Free cam mode (F12 = on when dead)
Score sounds (optional)
Chat line sound/music player
Spawn a Jetpack cheat (flyboy)
Spawn a weapon cheat (shootme + weapon name OR index)
Private messaging chat
Improved vehicle spawnning cheat
Enabled host/scmd cheats: baddaboom, flyboy, shootme & rosebud

Download from
Links: • ReadmeDownload from UnityHQ.netDownload from Game Front
written by URA - 08.05.2014 - 21:26

 NOLF Multiplayer Launcher
No One Lives Forever Multiplayer Launcher & Server Companion are now ready to download!

Download from UnityHQ
Links: n/a
written by URA - 02.05.2014 - 04:48

 Multiplayer Launcher v1.0 and Server Mod v1.0
Contract J.A.C.K. Multiplayer Launcher v1.0 and Server Mod v1.0 are now ready for download.

Download from UnityHQ

Please report any bugs at this topic on UnityHQ or in the forums here.
Links: n/a
written by URA - 21.10.2012 - 00:33